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Private Powerlines

Under the Electrical Safety Act 1998, it’s your responsibility to regularly inspect private electric lines on your property, to ensure they are well maintained and clear of vegetation.

Private powerlines are the overhead and underground lines that begin at a point of supply outside your property, and also include any other lines, poles or electrical equipment running from this supply. 

At least once per year, we recommend that you use binoculars or a telescope to view the powerline coverings (insulation), and also check the poles to make sure they aren’t rotted or damaged. If you need assistance, please contact a registered electrical contractor.

Underground replacement

Under certain conditions, it may be suitable for you to request replacement of an overhead private electric powerline with an underground alternative, such as a private or low voltage powerline, or a substation.

If an underground replacement is approved, the costs will be distributed as follows:

Your contribution

  • High-voltage extension (including the substation pole)

  • Low-voltage underground mains on your property

  • Tree-clearing costs

  • Easement costs

Our contribution

One of the following:

  • Substation establishment (including the transformer)

  • Low-voltage underground mains on your property (in non-fire areas)

  • Underground low-voltage service cables in the road reserve up to an equivalent value of 50 metres of cable (fire areas).

  • All underground low-voltage service cables in the road reserve.