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Gas connections

Across western Victoria, AusNet Services is connecting homes, estates and regional towns to our natural gas network. Our connection process usually involves two steps – installing a service line from the street gas main to your property, and then installing your gas meter.

Whether it’s your property that’s new, or just the gas connection, we can help you get connected.

  • Existing Properties

    Getting Connected

    To arrange a natural gas connection to your existing residential or commercial property, please follow these steps:

    1. Check to see if natural gas is available in your area – please ask a gas retailer or search by street and suburb here
    2. Choose a gas retailer – for tips and tools on choosing a retailer, please visit:
    3. Contact your retailer and request a new gas connection; in turn, your retailer will send a request to AusNet Services to install your service line
    4. Once your service line has been installed, arrange to have your meter connected by providing your retailer with a Certificate of Compliance number and the licence number of your plumber or gas fitter.

    NOTE: not all gas retailers can arrange a new connection, so please check if this is a service your retailer can provide.

    Other information

    For gas connection to an existing property, your retailer may ask about the supply of natural gas to your property, and the types of appliances you plan to use or install (e.g. hot water service, heating, cooking, etc.).

    You may also need to ask your plumber or gas fitter to upgrade your appliances from LPG to natural gas, and to provide you with a Certificate of Compliance for this work.

  • New Estates

    For homes in new estates, your builder will arrange gas service line installation at the lock-up stage. Once your appliances have been fitted, your builder will then request meter installation, or ask you to arrange this with your gas retailer (see Getting Connected under the Existing Properties section).

    Information for developers

    If you’re a property or land developer looking to connect a new estate to our gas network, please complete a Gas Supply to New Subdivisions Application Form and submit it to
    Please note that we require a separate form for each stage of the estate and all applications must be accompanied by:
    • A copy of the overall estate plan, showing stages
    • Council plans of subdivision (a draft is acceptable)
    • A copy of road construction drawings, including a table of service offsets
    • Water plans and civil drawings to assist with future location of the gas supply main.


    NOTE: all plans of subdivision, water plans and civil drawings must be provided in AutoCAD and PDF format.

    For any questions about gas connections for new estates, please contact: or (03) 9396 7625.

  • Regional Towns

    In partnership with the Victorian Government, we are committed to the Energy for the Regions program, which is connecting regional and rural communities to natural gas. Connections in Huntly were completed in June 2014, and we are continuing with installations in Winchelsea, Avoca and Bannockburn.

    If you’re interested in exploring opportunities for connection to our natural gas network in your area, please contact us by calling 1300 360 795 or email:

    To help us evaluate demand, we encourage you to approach us with a combined request representing a number of your neighbours or community members.