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As well as earning rewards for participating in GoodGrid, Michelle Watson of Doreen was the lucky winner of the prize draw for a $1,000 voucher to an RACV Resort. RACV’s Kieran Davies and AusNet Services’ Kate O’Carroll visited Michelle to hand over the voucher and see how she went about saving energy and earning rewards. Read more here

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At AusNet Services, we do everything we can to keep power flowing. GoodGrid is a program where AusNet Services, supported by RACV, are working with residents, businesses, schools and local communities to manage power demand peaks together. By using less power during a few flagged peak periods over the summer, you can help to make the power supply more reliable. In return, we’ll reward you with a cash payment.  

The GoodGrid program will run from 1 December 2018 to 31 March 2019. During this period, we’ll let you know by text message beforehand when the peak events are occurring. GoodGrid participants are not obliged to reduce power use during peak events. But we’ll reward you if you do.

The GoodGrid Program is open to both residential and business customers in Doreen, Mernda, and South Morang (postcodes 3752 and 3754), in Drouin, Longwarry, Bunyip and Garfield (postcodes 3814, 3815, 3816 and 3818), and in Berwick, Narre Warren, Cranbourne and Clyde (postcodes 3805, 3806, 3977 and 3978).


About electricity peaks

The times when the electricity network is operating near full capacity are known as peak Events.  These typically occur about five to eight times a year, on summer afternoons and evenings, for about four hours each time.By reducing overall peak demand, we are also reducing the need for network investment to manage these few high consumption days. In the longer term, this will reduce costs for all of our customers.

What do GoodGrid participants have to do?

Not very much! Just make a few small and easy changes to the way you use electricity during GoodGrid Events. This could be managing the way you use electrical appliances, or even planning a trip to the shops or movies during the Event.

How do GoodGrid participants earn rewards?

During a designated ’GoodGrid Event’, if you can reduce your power consumption to below your normal energy use on recent similar hot days, we’ll pay you $15.
We will work out what your normal energy use would have been during the same time periods on other recent similar hot days. We’ll then notify you whether your consumption during that GoodGrid Event was below this.

How are GoodGrid participants paid?

The amount you earn from each GoodGrid Event will add up over the summer. At the end of the summer, we’ll let you know how you went during each GoodGrid Event, including your total reward, and send you a cheque for that amount.

How will you know when a GoodGrid Event occurs?

This is easy. You’ll be notified by text message and/or email before an expected GoodGrid Event. These typically occur on hot afternoons and evenings, for about four hours. You’ll also be notified by text message at the start and end of each event.

How can you reduce electricity use during GoodGrid Events?

As a GoodGrid participant, we’ll teach you about the power usage of appliances, and easy steps to consider which could help reduce your energy use. So you’ll be better placed to make decisions that could help to maintain electricity reliability in your area, and save you money.


How to join GoodGrid

Find out if you are eligible to be a GoodGrid participant by clicking here.

To be eligible, your residence or business premises must be in one of the specified postcodes, or you must have participated in last year’s Peak Partners program. Customers wishing to participate in the GoodGrid Program will need to have a functioning smart meter installed.

We recognise that not everyone who wants to help out will be able to take part in the GoodGrid Program. At AusNet Services, we care for the wellbeing of people and we never compromise on safety. If your household has a member that is vulnerable – potentially at risk or sensitive to heat if consumption was reduced on hot days - you’re not eligible to take part.