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Our number one priority remains the safety and wellbeing of our people and the community. We’re here to support our life support customers before, during and after a power outage. 

How do I register?

To register for life support please call us on 1300 360 795 from 8am to 5pm weekdays. 

Or you can register by contacting your electricity retailer. 


Why should I register? 

When you register as a life support customer, we provide extra support during a power outage.  

This can include:  

  • A letter to notify you at least four business days before a planned outage occurs,
  • an SMS to remind you of a planned outage, 
  • SMS during unplanned outages caused by severe weather, falling trees or digging near underground powerlines, 
  • 24/7 urgent enquiries number – 1800 818 832.

If you or someone at your home relies on any of the following equipment, you’re eligible to register as a life support customer: 


  • An oxygen concentrator,
  • an intermittent peritoneal dialysis machine,
  • a kidney dialysis machine, 
  • a chronic positive airways pressure respirator, 
  • Crigler-Najjar syndrome phototherapy equipment, 
  • a ventilator for life support,
  • any other equipment that a registered medical practitioner certifies as required for your health.  

To learn more about the different types of life support equipment, see Schedule 10 of the Energy Retail Code on the Essential Services Commission website. 


I need to update my details 

If your circumstances change it’s important you contact us. Call us on 1300 360 795 , so that we can continue to prioritise your health and wellbeing.

You can also contact your electricity retailer to update your contact details. Your retailer will pass your new details on to us.  

Covid-19 update for life support customers

We know there’s never a good time to be without power, especially while our customers are spending more time at home working, learning and looking after their family. Your health and safety are important to us. We understand that many of our life support customers will have changing needs and may be concerned about losing power during the pandemic. We’re regularly reviewing our planned works schedule and will provide as much notice as possible to help customers prepare. Customers will receive written notification and if they have registered their mobile phone number with their retailer, will receive SMS notifications.

We’re committed to working with you to support your needs and our friendly staff are available to help answer your questions 24/7

Important numbers

Register for life support
1300 360 795, 8am to 5pm weekdays.

Power outage and equipment issues
(24 hours, 7 days a week) 1800 818 832

Urgent enquiries
(24 hours, 7 days a week)
GAS - 13 67 07

Interpreter service
13 14 50

Life-threatening emergency