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Claims and complaints

We’re committed to ensuring that our valued customers enjoy a safe and reliable electricity supply. However, unexpected events can result in power supply quality incidents, like voltage variations. 

What you need to know

You may be entitled to compensation for damage to your equipment or property, if it’s caused by a voltage variation event. 

Please look through the Voltage Variation Guidelines before making your claim. This will help you understand both your rights and our responsibilities.

Also look through the Unplanned Power Outages Compensation Fact Sheet (PDF, 554 KB) on our site, created by the Victorian Electricity Distributors. This explains the compensation process and how claims are assessed. 

We will always assess a claim before we decide to offer compensation. Please read the information below carefully, so you can choose the method of compensation that’s right for you. 

Make a claim 

Important information about making a claim: 

  • Your annual consumption of electricity must be less than 160 megawatt hours of electricity (around $20,000); 
  • Compensation is only for damage directly resulting from a voltage variation event; 
  • Compensation does not cover consequential loss (e.g. profits, food not related to refrigerator damage);
  • Business customers must have taken reasonable precautions to minimise the risk of damage or loss;
  • We do not replace on a 'new for old’  basis;
  • Compensation will either be paid for repairs (where viable) or for the cost of replacement equipment (of similar age and condition), whichever is the lesser amount; and
  • Compensation is not provided on the basis of an admission of legal liability. If, after investigation, we’re unable to accept your claim, we’ll explain our decision in writing. 

Before starting your claim, please ensure you have receipts, invoices or quotes for each damaged item you want to claim compensation for. You’ll also need to provide details about what you believe caused damage to the item/s you’re claiming for

Request an insurance letter

You might want to consider making a claim under your insurance policy if: 

  • you don’t meet the requirements for compensation; or
  • you’re seeking compensation on a 'new for old' basis.

If we have a record of an incident affecting your property, we can provide a letter to help support your claim.   

If you would like a letter to confirm an incident at your property, please request an Insurance Letter. 

Before starting your request for an insurance letter, please ensure you know the date of the voltage variation incident.