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Electricity Transmission Network  


AusNet Services’ electricity transmission network includes more than 6,500 kilometres of transmission lines. The Victorian network is centrally located among Australia’s five eastern states, and it provides important connections between South Australia, New South Wales and Tasmania.

The diagram below shows how the electricity transmission network forms part of the energy industry supply chain.



Energy Supply Chain

The cost of using the transmission network to transport electricity is included in electricity bills, but it is a relatively small percentage.


The process for setting our revenue is typically undertaken every five years and is referred to as the Transmission Revenue Reset (TRR). Our current five-year regulatory period for electricity transmission runs from 1 January 2017 to 31 December 2022. 


The process for determining revenue begins with AusNet Services submitting a proposal to the Australian Energy Regulator (AER). This includes details of our expenditure plans, which are designed to maintain the reliability and safety of the network in an efficient manner. The AER reviews this proposal and other interested parties are also invited to comment.


Our transmission revenue proposal outlines our investment programs and required revenue for the next five-year regulatory period. The four most important factors that have influenced these plans are:


  1. Changing electricity usage patterns
  2. Lower demand forecasts
  3. Lower value of customer reliability
  4. Stakeholder feedback


On 21 September 2016, AusNet Services submitted a response to the AER's draft decision on our 2017-22 electricity transmission plans. We are expecting the AER to issue its Final Decision in late 2016 or January 2017.


TRR Submission Activity




28 Jan 15

AER publishes F&A positions paper

27 Feb 15

AusNet Services submits response to F&A positions

26 Mar 15

First stakeholder forum | Presentation | Summary

31 Mar 15

AusNet Services submits forecasting methodology

30 Apr 15

AER publishes final F&A paper

28 May 15

Second stakeholder forum | Presentation | Summary

31 Jul 15

AusNet Services initiates framework and approach (F&A)

12Oct 15

Third stakeholder forum | Presentation | Summary

30 Oct 15

AusNet Services submits its revenue proposal
TRR proposal | TRR overview document

Dec 15

AER publishes issues paper and holds public forum

Feb 16

Submissions on revenue proposal close

30 Jun 16

AER to publish draft revision

Jul 16

AER to hold public forum on draft determination

21 Jul 16

AER publishes draft decision

16 Aug 16

Fourth Public Forum - Presentation and Summary

21 Sep 16

Revised Revenue Proposal

Oct 16

Submissions on draft determination and revised revenue proposal close

End Apr 17

AER to publish transmission determination for next regulatory period


For more information about our current regulatory period, please browse the following resources:


Stakeholder Engagement 

As part of the Transmission Revenue Reset (TRR) process, AusNet Services ran a Stakeholder Engagement Program. The objectives of this program were to:

  •  Align the revenue proposal with stakeholder preferences where possible; and
  • Ensure stakeholders understand how their preferences are reflected in the revenue proposal (including through the Value of Customer Reliability). Where this is not possible, explain to stakeholders why this is the case.


AusNet Services would like to acknowledge and thank all of our customers who took part in these activities.


How to provide feedback on our plans

AusNet Services welcomes feedback from all our stakeholders on our transmission revenue proposal. You can provide this feedback to us via email at
Stakeholders can also provide comments on our proposals to the AER (


Resources and further information

For more information about the TRR process and our engagement program, please read our resources on the following topics: