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On International Women's Day we celebrate our newest trainees 

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, hear from two of our newest trainees, Joy and Casey who shine a light on technology and a sustainable energy future.

Where would we be without life’s mod-cons making things easier? Well Casey and Joy attribute a big part of these technology advancements to energy. 

Casey explains, we need energy to support these developments that make our life easier. Whether it’s your apple watch or google glasses, power not only runs these devices, it also runs the computers they’re designed and often updated on. 

But as these bright young trainees look to the future, they see a need for sustainable sources of energy to fuel these advancements and feel strongly about leaving the world a better place for future generations.

Believing that as technology continues to advance and automate our lives, we will come to be more heavily reliant on energy. 

Joy explains how she wants to be involved in designing a sustainable energy system for the benefit of future generations. Highlighting the need for energy to support these developments that make our life easier, but the need to do it in a sustainable way. 

That is why these young women have set out on a career in energy. Starting as trainees this January, Casey and Joy will commence a Diploma in ESI Power Systems. That means that they will be working with customers - family homes, businesses or developers to understand the changing needs of the way customers consume and generate energy. They will then help AusNet Services build an energy future that empowers the communities we serve.

For these women, it comes down to playing a role in designing a network that can take on more renewable generated energy and help create a sustainable future.

From a very young age, Casey was inspired by the energy sector. Watching her father progress his career in energy she realised there was so much to learn about an everyday essential service. She saw her chance to shape the future of energy, not only through her day job, but also educating those around her about advancements in energy and how they can benefit from renewable sources.

While for Joy, she wanted a career that would really help people. Joy saw an opportunity to help our society progress to a more sustainable and solar powered energy future. She wants to help them make the right decisions around their energy solutions. 

Joy and Casey are part of the first all-female intake of apprentice and trainees this year. We’re committed to an inclusive and diverse workforce that includes driving more female participation in the sector. 

AusNet Services is upskilling the energy of the future, if you’re interested in a career in energy, please visit our Career Centre.