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Ariba Network Standard Account

What is Ariba Network Standard Account?

An Ariba Network Standard Account is a fast and easy way for your company to receive orders, confirm orders and quickly flip them to invoices. Transacting on Ariba Network with a FREE Standard Account will allow you to receive purchase orders interactively through the Ariba Network via email as well as transmit invoices. 

AusNet Services General Manager, Procurement, Kevin Foster & AusNet Services Program Manager, Stuart Smith have shared their insights in the below video on the partnership with SAP Ariba and they value that this brings to you, our suppliers. 


What’s Changing?

Below are examples of As Is processes for currently transacting with AusNet Services as well as To Be processes for transacting with us in the future:


I already have an existing Ariba Network account…

If you have an existing Standard Account  id on the Ariba network , you can login using your existing Ariba Supplier Network credentials when you receive the first purchase order via interactive email from AusNet Services. This will automatically establish a transaction with your existing Ariba Supplier Network account and AusNet Services.  


If you have an existing Enterprise account which you use to transact with other customers, then you will need to register and generate a new Ariba Network ID( ANID) to transact with AusNet Services via Standard Account.   

How to register on the Ariba Network:

Process for registration is very simple & quick. When you receive a Purchase Order through the Ariba Network interactively via email for the first time, you will need to register your company to generate an Ariba Network ID. 

An Ariba Network Identification (ANID) number is a unique identifier of an Ariba Network account:

  1. Open the document and select Process Order.
  2. To create a standard account, select Sign Up
  3. Populate all fields on the webpage
  4. Review the Terms of Use and the Ariba Privacy Statement and select the checkbox
  5. Select Register
    • You are now registered to transact over the Ariba Network
    • You can now view the transacted purchase order and submit an electronic invoice online.
    • The next time you receive an interactive PO, you will login to your Ariba Network account where you can process the order.


We will continue to reach out to you to prepare for the upcoming changes. In Q1 2020, we will be notifying you with a Go Live date to begin transacting through the Ariba Network. 

Please note:
This will be the standard method of doing business with AusNet Services from that date.
You will be contacted from AusNet Services employees as well as the SAP Ariba team who we have partnered with for this initiative. We recommend bookmarking the link to this webpage as it will be updated regularly to inform you as the supplier with necessary information.

Training & Support:

AusNet Services & SAP Ariba team will provide you with the support required to transition to Ariba Network.

  • You have access to the Supplier Information Portal(SIP) where you can find information on how to use Ariba,useful training guides and more. Link to Portal can be found in Additional Information & Support section.
  • Recently AusNet Services and SAP Ariba hosted a Supplier Summit . Full recording of the summit is available on the Supplier Information Portal under ON24 Session recordings.
  • You could also email us on

Helpful links

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