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Who We Are

We are a diversified Australian energy infrastructure business with over $10.8 billion of electricity and gas network and connection assets. These assets deliver energy safely and reliably to around 1.5 million customers across Victoria. Our network and connection assets are designed, built, maintained and operated by our 1,700 employees across our regulated networks and our commercial energy services business, Mondo. AusNet Services is focused on ensuring all our customers can rely on our networks to deliver energy, while we work to adapt and evolve the networks to support the shift to more renewable generation and the spectrum of customer needs.

Our vision is to create energising futures by delivering value to our customers, communities and partners.

Transmission towers

Electricity Transmission

Our transmission network transports electricity from
whereit is generated, through terminal stations and
high-voltage transmission powerlines across the state,
to Victoria’s five lower-voltage distribution networks.


Electricity Distribution

Our electricity distribution network feeds lower-voltage electricity to customers across all of eastern  and north-eastern Victoria and  in Melbourne’s north and east.


AusNet Services Gas Distribution pic

Gas Distribution

Our gas distribution network supplies natural gas to residential and business customers in western Melbourne, central and western Victoria, through our network of underground gas pipelines.



Mondo provides services and technology for essential infrastructure in the energy, water and transport sectors, including transmission connections, grid-scale storage, smart energy management systems, mini grids, and community energy hubs.

Location of our electricity and gas networks 

This map gives an overview of the AusNet Services network footprint across Victoria.

We are listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), under code AST. 


AusNet Services is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange and the Singapore Exchange.


AusNet Services is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange and the Singapore Exchange.