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Major gas projects

Our gas distribution network includes over 11,000km of pipelines covering 60,000 square kilometres. It carries gas to around 760,000 customers across western and central Victoria.

We work all year to maintain, upgrade and extend our network so we can continue supplying safe and reliable gas to our customers.

Current projects

  • Buckley Grove augmentation 

    Location: Greater Geelong
    Timeframe: April 2022 – March 2023
    Project type: Gas augmentation (gas line extension) and installation of new field regulator.
    The demand for gas has increased as the Bellarine Peninsula continues to grow. Over the coming year, we’ll:

    • expand the gas network in the eastern parts of Geelong
    • extend the existing transmission pipeline by around 50m
    • replace the Buckley Grove field regulator.
  • Sunbury augmentation 

    Location: Sunbury
    Timeframe: January 2022 – August 2022
    Project type: Gas augmentation (gas main renewal) 

    To continue supplying reliable gas in the growing region of Sunbury, we’re reinforcing the network and replacing 3.6km of gas mains. 


Completed projects

  • Lovely Banks city gate 

    Location: Lara
    Timeframe: March 2021 - October 2021
    Project type: Gas augmentation (gas line extension)

    The Department of Justice built the Chisholm Road Prison in Lara. We supported this project by:
    · building a new gas main
    · extending the supply main with 1.8km of 180mm polyethylene gas mains and 200m of 150mm steel gas mains
    · constructing a City Gate – this is a measuring station where a distribution company receives gas from a pipeline company or transmission system
    · suppling and installing a new gas meter.

  • Mair St gas renewal 

    Location: Mair Street, Central Ballarat and Lake Wendouree
    Timeframe: April 2021 - March 2022
    Project type: Upgrading existing gas mains from low-pressure to high-pressure

    We upgraded over 10kms of ageing gas infrastructure in Ballarat - replacing and updating low-pressure gas mains to high-pressure gas mains. We also completed a range of service upgrades.
    The project required in-depth stakeholder engagement due to the many heritage-listed buildings and heritage-listed flora in the area.  

  • Waurn Ponds network augmentation 

    Location: Waurn Ponds
    Timeframe: October 2020 - June/July 2021
    Project type: Gas augmentation (new gas line)

    Steady population growth in Torquay and Jan Juc meant the gas network needed to be further developed to maintain a reliable supply of gas.
    We installed over 4kms of gas transmission pipelines and two pressure regulators.