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Regulatory publications

We produce a range of reports and publications to show we’re meeting our regulatory obligations and delivering affordable and reliable energy. They also highlight our compliance with regulations.  

Below, you'll find a range of these publications: 

  • Electricity distribution price review

    Every 5 years, we put forward a plan for the distribution network that outlines what we intend to deliver for customers.  

  • Electricity transmission revenue reset

    We’re required to lodge a revenue proposal with the Australian Energy Regulator (AER). The proposal sets out revenue and investment plans for a 5 year regulatory period.  
    You can read an overview of our latest electricity transmission plans on the AER website here (PDF, 5.9MB) . The technical document we submitted to the AER is also on their site here (PDF, 4.6 MB) 

    Further documentation, including several reports summarising our customer and stakeholder engagement findings, can be found on the AER  website here.  
  • Gas distribution revenue

    We submit a proposal to the AER every 5 years. This process is known as the Gas Access Arrangement Review (GAAR).  

    GAAR inform gas charges, and the prices you pay for gas supply. It's also a proposed plan that details the services we will offer and what this will cost us.  

    We are preparing our proposals for the next regulatory period - 2023-28. The key dates for the 2023-28 GAAR are below.



     2021 & 2022  We engage with customers and other stakeholders to ensure our plans reflect their needs and wants 
     1 July 2021  Reference Services Proposal submitted 
     Mid-Jan 2022  Draft regulatory proposal published for public consultation 
     1 July 2022  Submission of our regulatory proposal (PDF, 7.4 MB) to the AER 
     Early-August 2022  AER stakeholder forum  
     Mid-August 2022  Submissions on our proposal close 
     November 2022  AER draft decision 
     January 2023  Submission of the revised proposal (PDF, 669 KB) 
     February 2023  Stakeholder submissions on the draft decision and revised proposal close 
     28 April 2023  AER final decision 
     1 July 2023  New GAAR period begins 
  • Bushfire mitigation plans

    The Bushfire Mitigation Plans outlines our bushfire prevention preventative strategies. They also include the procedures and processes to mitigate the risk of fires associated with electricity supply. This is all inline the Electricity Safety (Bushfire Mitigation) Regulations.   

    The plans describe the management of customers private overhead electric lines too. 


    For more information, read this factsheet on managing fire risk – electricity transmission network (PDF, 201 KB). 

  • Vegetation management plans

    Vegetation Management Plans provide tree pruning or clearing procedures around electric lines. They also detail the maintenance of and requirements for clearance spaces. 

    Energy Safe Victoria (ESV) reviews these plans each year.   

  • Access arrangements to our network

    Access arrangements describe the terms and conditions for obtaining access to our network. Most often, it's electricity retailers and generators applying to gain access to the network. These arrangements are available for viewing below: 

  • Distribution loss factors

    We are responsible for calculating distribution loss factors (DLFs) under the National Electricity Rules.   

    Site specific DLFs are allocated to embedded generator of actual generation of more than 10MW. DLF's are also given to each large customer consuming more than 40GWh per annum or with a peak demand of 10MW. Network average DLFs are calculated for all other customers and embedded generators.  

    Learn about site specific DLFs for embedded generators: Methodology for Calculating Distribution Loss Factors for Embedded Generators Greater than 10MW (PDF, 349 KB).

    Learn about network average DLFs and site specific DLFs for large customers: Essential Services Commission, Guidance Paper: Calculation methodology for Distribution Loss Factors (DLFs) for the Victorian Jurisdiction (PDF, 108 KB). 
  • Planning reports

    We're committed to keeping our customers informed and up to date about our plans for the distribution network.  

    You can view our Distribution Infrastructure Maps and Network Planning Reports here. Use Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge only.  

    You’ll find our:  


    • Transmission connection planning report. This joint report meets the requirements of the Distribution Licences, Victorian Distribution Code. It also meets the National Electricity Rules, Victorian electricity distribution businesses and AEMO.   

    • Terminal station demand forecasts. Compiled from forecasts provided by Victorian electricity distribution businesses and our customers. The same forecasting informs both the planning and demand forecasts here.  

    • Distribution annual planning report. Provides information on our distribution network over a forward planning period of 5 years. It also provides information on the capacity of the network. This covers system limitations and options being considered to address these limitations.  

    • Distribution system limitations template. This template provides open-format network data relating to planned projects.  

    • Three year system limitations load profile. The last 3 years of asset loading in half hour intervals.  

    • Distribution voltage information. Average voltage data.  
  • Solar PV systems and anti-islanding

    Read the regulatory requirements of owning a Solar PV System on our site here (PDF, 66.2 KB). 

    Plus, you can the Annual anti-islanding test that needs to be performed to maintain the system here (PDF, 762 KB).