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Connections - Embedded Generation >5MW

If you’re a commercial customer connecting an embedded generation system to our network, and the maximum capacity of your installation is more than 5 MW, please follow the application steps outlined below.

Email: OR

Mail:  Attn: James Snaize, AusNet Services, Locked Bag 14051, Melbourne City Mail Centre, Victoria, 8001, Australia

We will provide a preliminary response within 20 business days of receiving your enquiry and all relevant information; this response will include technical information about your connection and a summary of the fees you can expect to pay. This preliminary response is to provide high level information that is readily available to AusNet Services.

Complete a detailed enquiry response, by providing all information requested in our preliminary response (and pay an enquiry fee, if applicable).

We will provide a detailed response within 30 business days of receiving all relevant information (and your enquiry fee, if applicable), unless otherwise agreed; this response will include information about access standards and an itemised summary of any further fees you can expect to pay.  If we need additional time to review your information, you will receive written notice outlining the reason(s) for the extension. Preparation of a detailed response is expected to be an iterative process to allow for clarification and consideration of options and alternatives.

Lodge a connection application

You may need to pay an application fee. We will provide a connection offer within four months of receiving your application, unless otherwise agreed. You will need to accept the offer within 20 business days to initiate a connection agreement.

Other information

For more information about previous embedded generation connections since October 2009, please visit our Register of Completed Embedded Generation Projects, which has been published with permission from the applicants.

Our processes for embedded generation connections comply with the National Electricity Rules, Chapter 5 ‘Network Connection, Planning and Expansion’.