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Join our trial: export your excess solar energy and help shape the future of our power network. If your solar export is limited to below 2 kW you may be able to take part in our Flexible Exports Trial and receive up to 5kw exports! Find out more about trial eligibility and how to apply. 

Request a manual technical assessment

You can apply for one of our technical assessors to review your system and see if you are eligible to connect. This may be useful in some circumstances where we are unable to process your application electronically, however, in most cases it is unlikely that this second round of review will return a different outcome to the automated review.

Please note: On residential systems we do not allow more than 10kW total inverter capacity per phase or more than 5kW (3.5kW on SWER) export per phase due to network restrictions.

The fee for this service is:
  • $339.42 (excl. GST) for systems up to 30kW


Additional options

1. Install another phase at the property

  • If you wish to increase the available capacity at the property, please contact us to find out the availability of additional phases.

    Please note: Please obtain a quote from an electrician as installing additional phases can typically cost at least $5,000 or more, payable by the customer.

2. Upgrade network infrastructure

  • In certain circumstances there may be the option to upgrade the infrastructure in the network. This increases capacity at the property if the supply transformer is overloaded.

    Please note: Network upgrades typically cost from $30,000 upwards, payable by the customer.