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Up to 30kW connections


This page is for:  

  • Installers 
  • Solar retailers 
  • Registered electrical contractors (REC)*  



You’re designing a solar and/or battery system that is: 

  • Up to 10kW total inverter (solar and battery) capacity per phase and 5kW export (3.5kW for SWER) 
  • Up to a maximum of 30kW total inverter capacity and 15kW export across 3 phases
  • Export limited (must comply with SOP 33-06) 


*You must be an authorised representative of the customer 


The process for up to 30kW connections is 4 steps: 

  1. Get pre-approval 
  2. Install system 
  3. Submit paperwork 
  4. Meter reconfigured and ready 



Timelines and process

Get pre-approval
Instant, if application accepted
Install system
Submit paperwork
Due - 65 business days after pre-approval
Meter reconfigured, ready to switch on
10 days from receipt of paperwork
  • Get pre-approval

    Time frame: Instant - if application is accepted. Cost: No cost    

    We’re responsible for providing a safe and stable energy network (grid) for our customers and workers. So, you’ll need pre-approval from us before you can start installing a system for your customer.  


    Use our online tool to get instant pre-approval for systems up to 30kW capacity and 15kW exports across 3 phases.  

    Use the manual approval process if: 

    • You’re not approved through the instant tool 
    • If the total inverter capacity is more than 10kw capacity and 5kW export per phase 




    • For our basic terms and conditions for your connection look through our model standing offer (MSO).  
    • If you’re applying for a customer, ensure that you’ve obtained consent to accept offers on their behalf. 

    Please note:  

    • Only Clean Energy Council (CEC) approved inverters will be approved for installation. 
    • Inverters must have power quality response mode capability in place (both volt-var and volt-watt) to ensure the installation complies.   


  • Install system

    Time frame: 65 days. Cost: Set by the electrical inspector



    Once you have approval from us, you need to install the system within 65 business days of pre-approval. 

    For safety, the inverter must be switched off, until the meter has been reconfigured. 



    • If your application expires before you install the system, you’ll need to submit another. 
    • The installed system must meet technical specifications as outlined in your connection offer.  
    • If you’ve modified your inverter within your pre-approved limit, you may be able to make updates in the post-installation tool.  
    • Ensure that you have noted down panel and battery information, for proof post-installation. 


    An electrical inspector must inspect the installed system and complete a certificate of electrical safety (CES) with you.

  • Submit paperwork

    Time frame: 10 business days. Cost: No cost.



    Before we can allow your customers to generate their own energy, you will need to finalise the paperwork.  

    You must send two forms to your customers' energy retailer:  

    • Electrical works request (EWR) form, from the Victorian SIR website. 
    • Certificate of electrical safety (CES), which your electrical inspector will purchase from Energy Safe Victoria. 

    You must then complete: 

    • AusNet post-installation form, to confirm what was installed at site.  

    We’ll then reconfigure your customer's meter.  

    It is important to provide correct data as AusNet registers information provided with the AEMO National Register of Distributed Energy Resources (DER Register).

    Exact specifications of a grid connected system is needed to ensure continuous secure and reliable electricity supply for all Australians.

    The system must remain switched off until this is complete. 

    We'll contact you if there are any issues with your paperwork.  


  • Meter reconfigured and ready

    Time frame: 30 business days. Cost: You will be billed from your energy retailer, either $15.11 for electronic meter reconfiguration; or $567.41 excl GST for a truck visit (if required).

    Please note: Your retailer may also add costs. 



    We receive the service order from the retailer, and then reconfigure the customer’s meter. This means data will now be recorded for energy generation and consumption. 

    We then send a SMS to the customer to confirm that they’re able to switch on their system,  

    We send a final letter and email to the customer to confirm their ongoing obligations with AusNet.  

    Please note: if your customer has moved to a time of use (TOU) network tariff as part of this change, you need to tell them. 


    Our requirements

    Depending on the type of meter a customer has: 

    Smart meter – will require an electronic remote reconfiguration. 

    Non smart meter - will require a truck visit for manual reconfiguration. 

    More than one meter - will require a truck visit to consolidate them. 

I want to update my current system: 

If you wish to remove part of the system; or add solar panels and batteries to your system, return this form to 


Export Limits 

What’s an export limit? 

If the grid has reached its capacity threshold (i.e. it’s unable to support any more generation), we have to set an export limit. Meaning that we limit the amount of energy you can feed back into the grid. 

What if I want to increase my export? 

If you’ve had an export limit applied, but want to increase your export to the grid, you can request a manual technical assessment

This means one of our design engineers will look at your system to see what other options are available. Please note, there’s a fee for this service.