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Private Mains in Public Land Application

What is a Private Mains in Public Land Connection?

This application is for negotiating an approved supply point for the installation of a private electricity cable on public land and requesting unmetered installations. AusNet Services is required by Energy Safe Victoria (ESV) to collect plans of all private electricity cables that are installed on public land. 
Plans must be provided to us and made available to the general public via the Dial Before You Dig Service. 
You must negotiate for an approved supply point before any work commences. If a suitable supply point is not available time delays for construction works may occur. 

For an indicative price for a new connection, select the Preliminary Estimate option on the application.
Preliminary Estimates are indicative, meaning the price generated is an office-based assessment.
A Preliminary Estimate is valid for 30 days and has an upfront, non-refundable* fee.
*Note: Preliminary Estimate fees paid are not refundable, however, will be deducted from the cost of the electricity supply works if you proceed with the proposal.

For a fixed price for a new connection, select the Firm Offer option on the application.
Firm Offers are fixed, meaning the price generated is inclusive of the proposed works and contract. A Firm Offer is valid for 60 days and has an upfront, non-refundable* fee.
*Note: Firm Offer fees paid are not refundable, however, will be deducted from the cost of the electricity supply works if you proceed with the proposal.


Other important things to know

Exemption from Energy Safe Victoria (ESV)
Unless you’re one of the following, you’ll be required to obtain an exemption from Energy Safe Victoria once AusNet Services has approved your application.

  • Local Council
  • Vic Roads
  • Melbourne City Link
  • Victrack


Existing & Proposed Equipment
Estimate, as accurately as possible, the amount of electricity supply (in kilowatts or amps) you plan to use.  It is critical that we know your existing or proposed equipment as our design is based upon the information you provide and your requirements.

Information on Proposed Plans
Please ensure your proposed plan includes the following information:

  • Site address including outside or opposite street number
  • Distance to the nearest AusNet Services Pole and Pole number
  • Proposed Cable route and length
  • Distance from proposed supply location (installation) to nearest intersection
When searching for the relevant pole number, it is generally on a strip of plastic or aluminium attached to the pole at eye level and is between 4 and 10 digits in length.  Providing us with a clear photograph of the pole numbers will ensure accuracy and avoid delays.
Please click here to see an example of proposed cable plan. 
Submission of As-Built Plans for Approval
Upon completion of negotiation of a supply point, and once construction works are complete, you need to submit your As-Built plans for approval and registration in our mapping systems. You may proceed with the connection process once your plans pass our requirements. 

Important: Before arranging connection with your energy retailer, final As-Built plans must be registered with AusNet Services and fees paid.

What you need to know before getting started?

This application cannot be saved once you have started. It must be completed in one attempt. Please make sure you have all required information outlined below, and enough time to complete this application before starting.
  • Contact details of Yourself and/or Authorised Representative if applicable.
  • Address details of the property with the electrical requirement
  • Electrical Load, the amount of electricity required
  • Electronic copies of the:
    • Proposed Cable Plan (mandatory)
    • Maximum Demand Calculation to AS3000 (optional)
    • Floor Plans of proposed installation/development (optional)
    • Photographs of AusNet Services pole number(s) (optional)
    • Photographs of the property (optional)
  • Additional Information and Potential Hazards of the site location (Optional)
  • A payment will be required to submit the application. A choice of payment options will be available to you at this point.


Please contact your Registered Electrical Contractor (REC) if you are unsure about your Electrical Loading requirement. 

How long will this application take?

15-25 Minutes (approximately)

What to expect after submitting your application?

An AusNet Services representative may contact you for additional details (if required), in order to:
  • Conduct an office based and/or site assessment
  • Provide you with further advice on the application form
  • Request Exemption from Energy Safe Victoria and/or As-Built plans