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Connect power to your home or business using EnergyConnect. Click through below for a new electricity connection or change an asset. You can also upgrade an existing supply or extend supply here. You will need to contact your retailer for any jobs involving your electricity meter.

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New applications

The application forms below relate to extending the network. Requests related to the electricity meter must come through the energy retailer.


For new connections, supply upgrades or relocating assets on your property.  


In a hurry? Click 'get an estimate' below to use our electricity cost calculator. 


For new connections, supply upgrades or relocating assets at your business.  

New estate

For new connections to a residential multi-lot development. 

Public lighting

For installing an approved streetlight on a VicRoads or council-maintained road. 

Private mains in public land

For installing a private underground power cable on public land. 

Asset relocation and No-Go Zones

For altering, relocating or removing one of our assets or for working in No-Go Zones.