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Commercial, Business or Industrial Connection Application

What is a Commercial, Business or Industrial Connection Application?

If you are negotiating to establish single/multiple supply points for your proposed Commercial, Industrial or Business location (greenfield development and/or staged development of an existing development) this application is the right one for you. 

You can select the Contestability option at the application stage and include the Accredited Service Provider (ASP) you are intending to engage for design purposes. If you are not ready to select your Accredited Service Provider at this stage, you will have an option to download a list of Accredited Service Providers and advise your project manager after application submission. 
Note: Any design and construction contractors involved in such works must be accredited by AusNet Services. This accreditation recognises that they have been assessed to have the skills and the knowledge to carryout works on the AusNet Services network to our technical, quality and safety standards.

You are required to pay a fee to proceed with this application to obtain a Firm Offer or Interconnection Offer. If you wish to obtain an indicative price, select the Preliminary Estimate option on the application, and then answer “Yes” for us to provide both Design and Construction Services. 
Preliminary Estimates are indicative, meaning the price generated is an office-based assessment.
A Preliminary Estimate is valid for 30 days and has an upfront, non-refundable* fee.
*Note: Preliminary Estimate fees paid are non-refundable, however, will be deducted from the cost of the electricity supply works if you proceed with the proposal.


Other important things to know

Electrical Load Requirement (Existing and/or Proposed) 
Estimate as accurately as possible the amount of electricity supply you plan to use.  It is critical that we know your existing and/or proposed equipment as our design is based upon your information and requirements. Please attach your Maximum Demand Calculation to AS3000* if you have already completed your load calculation. 
*Please provide diversified load to AS3000, with the breakdown.

If the property is being subdivided, you must provide a plan of subdivision along with your application in order to proceed. Architectural or building site plans are not acceptable. You must provide Subdivision reference number(s) such as Planning Permit Number, Subdivision Plan Number and Spear Reference Number, in the application form to correctly identify the subdivision.  
If we have responded to Council for Planning Permit/Certification, it is mandatory to provide the AusNet Services reference number along with the application form. This is a number starting with 75XXXXXX. 
If your subdivision plan has not been submitted for Council’s approval, please select “Other” and describe your situation. 

Note: If you are intending to subdivide the property or you are in the process of subdividing, please select Subdivision and attach your proposed plan of subdivision in the Upload document section. Select Other option at the Subdivision Reference number selection section. 

Development Plan(s)
Please ensure you attach all necessary development plan(s) along with the application form to process the application. Lack of detail or not submitting required plans may cause delays to process your application. Refer to the section below to find out what is required to proceed with the application form. 


What you need to know before getting started?

This application cannot be saved once you have started. It must be completed in one attempt. Please make sure you have all the required information outlined below, and enough time to complete the application before starting.
  • Contact details of Yourself and/or Authorised Representative if applicable.
  • Address details of the property
  • If your project is part of a Subdivision, the:
    • Plan of Subdivision (mandatory)
    • Subdivision reference number(s) (mandatory)
    • AusNet Services reference number (mandatory - usually starts with 75XXXXXX). If we have already responded to council.
Note: If you are intending to subdivide the property or you are in the process of being subdivided, please select Subdivision and attach your proposed plan of subdivision in the Upload document section. 
  • Electronic copies of the:
    • Maximum Demand Calculation to AS3000
    • Planning Permit
    • Plan of Subdivision
    • Plan of Subdivision
    • Development Plans
    • Cultural Heritage Management Plan (If applicable)
  • Additional Information and Potential Hazards of the site location (Optional)
  • A payment will be required to submit the application. A choice of payment options will be available to you at this point.


Please contact your Registered Electrical Contractor (REC) or Consultant if you are unsure about your Electrical Loading requirement. 

How long will this application take?

15-25 Minutes (approximately)

What to expect after submitting your application?

An AusNet Services representative may contact you for additional details (if required), in order to:
  • Conduct an office based and/or site assessment
  • Provide you further advise on the application form