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Customer FAQs

Will there be an impact to my gas or electricity supply?

There is no impact to the safe and reliable supply of gas and electricity for homes and businesses. AusNet Services is focused on keeping the lights on and the gas flowing and ensuring our customers and communities are safe.

We know that now, more than ever, access to power is crucial to support the new home offices logging on daily, enable children to video call their grandparents, and allow friends who can no longer chat in the pub to stay connected through social media.

What are you doing to prepare for the pandemic?

AusNet Services has emergency plans in place to cover a range of scenarios, including pandemics, to ensure we continue to provide essential services to you. We've activated our emergency management team and are implementing and reviewing our plans daily.

We’re prepared and ready if the situation escalates further, but we also encourage you to prepare and continue to look after yourselves, your families and friends, and neighbours. Please make sure your mobile devices including phones and laptops are charged so you can continue to access up to date information from our website.

How will you guarantee supply for critical services sites such as hospitals, key infrastructure and key supply chain businesses?

We’ve prioritised all work that will make supply reliable for essential services such as hospitals, medical centres, factories manufacturing medical products such as face masks and hand sanitiser, supermarkets and other community services.

We are working with the government and other agencies to understand which businesses are providing critical services to the COVID-19 response. We will use this information as part of our normal maintenance planning to minimise disruption to any critical businesses where possible. If a planned outage is impacting a key business, we will review this work on a case by case basis.

If you are currently providing critical services and have an upcoming planned outage, please contact us at

What measures have you put in place to protect staff and ensure you can continue to supply power?

We're communicating regularly with our teams as the situation with COVID-19 develops, and government advice is updated. The safety and wellbeing of our people is important to us.

Some of the steps we've taken so far, and continue to evolve, across our workplaces include:

  • Some office-based staff working flexibly from home and alternative business locations where feasible. We’ve also split all teams into two to decrease the risk of infection and ensure we have people available.
  • Precautionary access restrictions introduced for some parts of our operations.
  • Suspending all non-critical work related travel (international and domestic), cancelling non-essential visits to external sites and conducting external meetings via teleconferencing wherever possible.
  • Introducing a new category of leave for employees who need to be at home during this time and cannot work from home.
  • Additional hygiene measures including enhanced cleaning and sanitisation processes, new temperature check stations.

Will you go ahead with outages while people are self-isolating, quarantined or working from home?

We’ve reduced planned outages during the pandemic. Only planned outages that are critical will proceed, all non-essential work will be deferred.

Where possible we will try to shorten the duration of any outage if we can.

We’ve prioritised all work that will make supply reliable for essential services such as hospitals, medical centres, factories manufacturing medical products such as face masks and hand sanitiser, supermarkets and other community services.

We know many of you are working from home with children and possibly more food in the freezer. We are truly sorry for this inconvenience. Please know that we are only going ahead with work that is absolutely necessary. Now more than ever, safe and reliable electricity supply is essential.

You can find information on preparing for power outages here.

Why are you going ahead with critical outages?

Our number one priority remains the safety and wellbeing of our customers, communities and our people.

Planned power outages are an important part of maintaining your network so that we can continue to deliver reliable power to your homes and businesses. We understand this is a challenging time for our customers, but a strong commitment to reliable and safe electricity supply is essential, especially during these uncertain times.  

Where can I find more information regarding my planned outage?

We’ll notify you by mail before any planned outages so that you can prepare for the duration of the power outage, and then we’ll send you an SMS reminder closer to the time. You can also check our outage tracker for information on upcoming outages in your area, including the status and durations of outages.

I have stocked up on food. How do I manage perishable items if the power goes out?

For more information on food safety during outages, refer to the Victorian State Government Food safety during power outages page here.

How are you looking after life support customers in this pandemic?

We’ll continue to maintain our stringent protocols relating to life support customers. If you’re a life support customer and you’ve not registered with us, or you would like more information, visit the Life Support page on our website.

Will my new connection be delayed?

We don’t expect any significant impact to normal business operations for our electricity and gas services, including new connections.

Will you still be conducting work around my property?

Our field team are out continuing their daily role in maintaining your gas and electricity network and fixing any faults as normal. Some of our work requires visits to customer homes and businesses. We’ll only request access to a customer’s property if it is absolutely necessary in order to ensure your safety or the continuity of a safe gas or electricity supply.

It’s important that our field team are allowed access to customer’s properties so that we can continue our critical work. We’ll take every precaution to keep customers safe during our work and our people will follow all government health and safety advice.

How are you ensuring it is safe to access homes and businesses?

We’re working closely with government and public health bodies to make sure we work safely and in line with expert advice. If our field team need to enter your home or business to restore your power, we’ll ask you some questions on the phone first to understand if you’ve recently returned from overseas or are self-isolating so we can make the relevant arrangements to prepare.

Our field teams have been fully briefed on specific protocols to follow when working on a customer premises. They will be wearing protective equipment, following strict hygiene rules, practicing social distancing of two meters where possible and avoiding contact with any surfaces.