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Richmond Terminal Station

As the owner and operator of the Richmond Terminal Station in Mary Street, we initiated works in 2012 to upgrade this facility, and expect to complete the project by the end of 2019.

As part of our ongoing commitment to the safe and reliable supply of electricity, we are replacing most of the equipment at our Richmond Terminal Station to incorporate the latest technology.

The long duration of the project is the result of the need to maintain an uninterrupted electricity supply to inner Melbourne while we undertook these major works across the site.

As with Brunswick Terminal Station, we are also taking care to integrate the facility with its surrounds, which include inner urban housing, parklands, freeways and the Yarra River.

Project Progress

Significant changes have taken place at the Richmond Terminal Station over the last seven years with all three new buildings (220 kilovolt - kV, 66kV and 22kV switch buildings) now complete. 

These new buildings contain the compact Gas Insulated Switchgear. As each building was completed, and the new switchgear installed, we then removed the old outdoor switchgear. Demolition of the old switchgear is now mostly complete.



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Richmond Terminal Station Upgrade
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Remaining Landscaping of Alan Bain Reserve & Mary Street

Once our final fencing is complete, and space is made available, landscaping work will begin on our shared boundaries with Alan Bain Reserve and on the northern section of our Mary Street nature strip.  This landscaping work will be done on our behalf by the City of Yarra, in line with our Planning Permit, and is anticipated to begin early in the second half of 2019.

Community engagement

For more information about the Richmond Terminal Station upgrade project and our ongoing commitment to the local community, email us at

66kV building and ball net viewed from Alan Bain Reserve – May 2019


22kV building (centre of photo) viewed from Alan Bain Reserve – May 2019