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Brunswick Terminal Station

AusNet Services has completed a major upgrade and re-design of the Brunswick Terminal Station (BTS) in King Street, East Brunswick, working  with local electricity distributor CitiPower and the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO).

This important facility will ultimately supply  electricity to around 90,000 customers in the inner-northern suburbs of Melbourne and provides further essential strengthening of the power supply to Melbourne’s CBD area.

BTS is located approximately 5 km northeast of Melbourne’s CBD within the historical suburb of Brunswick East. As well as providing security of supply to an area of critical importance to Victoria, we sought to integrate the facility into the adjoining sensitive Merri Creek corridor and relatively dense residential surrounds, improving visual amenity for the neighbourhood.

The use of modern electrical infrastructure has enabled us to reduce building bulk and visual clutter while actually expanding the site’s capacity. The new buildings have been treated with screens, textured panels and materials designed to integrate them into the site landscape, enhancing the local area.

66kV building as seen from Alister St

220kV and 66kV building as seen from King St