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Digital Energy Futures

How will you use energy in the future? What technologies will you be using?  

With these questions in mind, we're working with Monash University, Energy Consumers Australia, the Australian Research Council and Ausgrid on a project called Digital Energy Futures.  

This project includes 200 residential energy consumers in-depth research activities. It is the most extensive study of energy demand and consumers’ energy futures in Australia. 

There are six progressive stages to the research project:  

Stage 1: Digital and energy futures review 
This stage (completed June 2020) involved a review of industry reports about digital and energy futures. It developed insights on how household practices are likely to change in the future. You can access the report from stage 1 here. 

Stage 2: Digital ethnography* with households  
Started in early 2020 and will test and challenge industry scenarios for digital energy futures.  

Stage 3: Survey supplement for ECA’s annual Energy Consumer Sentiments Survey (ECSS)  
Energy Consumers Australia (ECA) will run ongoing research of the attitudes and activity of residential energy consumers in Australia.  

Stage 4: Scenario innovation workshops with residential electricity consumers  
There will be 12 scenario-based innovation workshops with residential energy consumers from AusNet and Ausgrid’s customer base.  
Stage 5: Modelling and scenario testing  
Our research team will work with Ausgrid to embed the research insights into their forecasting methods.  

Stage 6: Demand management innovation  
In the final stage of the research, the project team will review the findings across all stages. This is to identify potential demand management opportunities for forecasting produced through the research.  


Expected outcomes 

This research will help us predict how you will use energy in the future. This will enable us to understand how much or how little energy we need at any given time. That’s key to managing network supply, improving forecasting and planning. 

Benefits could also include lowering the cost of infrastructure spending, securing affordable energy, and sustainable futures for Australian households. 

To find our more, visit Monash University’s website and read about Digital Energy Futures project here. Or visit the Australian Research Council site and see the grant award here.

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*ethnography is the scientific description of peoples and cultures with their customs, habits, and mutual differences.