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The AusNet Services Group* has a range of debt security funding programs, including the following:

  • US Dollar Medium Term Note Program (please note this is a multicurrency program)
  • Australian Dollar Debt Issuance Program (please note this is also a multicurrency program)
  • Australian Dollar Commercial Paper Program

Wholesale investors holding notes issued under any of these programs, can view more information by clicking on the link below. Viewing this information is subject to accepting AusNet Services Groups terms and conditions and all applicable securities, financial and other laws. The majority of program documents require you to then enter a password before they open for viewing.

* see Terms and Conditions Of Use section

Warning: Scam to invest in fake AusNet Services bonds 

Program documentation is password protected. When prompted for a password, please enter the applicable ISIN number.

* ISIN = International Securities Identification Number. 




US$ Medium Term Note (MTN) Program (multicurrency)


Capital Notes Program


A$ Medium Term Note (MTN) Program


A$ Commercial Paper Program

Additional financial information

Financial Results

A comprehensive archive of AusNet Services' financial results can be found on our Company Results page.

Results for AusNet Services Holdings Pty Ltd (formerly SPI Electricity & Gas Australia Holdings) are listed below:



For all enquiries, including credit ratings, please contact:

Alastair Watson

Head of Treasury

+61 (0) 407-123-288