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Powerline Replacement Fund

We’re upgrading or undergrounding certain high voltage powerlines in high bushfire risk areas as part of our extensive work to reduce the risk of fires starting from electricity assets and improve reliability.

This work involves replacing selected overhead high voltage 22kV and Single Wire Earth Return (SWER) powerlines with overhead insulated cables, underground cables or other conductor technologies.

To reduce bushfire risk and improve supply reliability, we’re replacing selected 22 kV powerlines and Single Wire Earth Return (SWER) powerlines with insulated and underground cabling, and other technologies. 

The Victorian Government is allocating $200 million for these works, as part of its wider Powerline Bushfire Safety Program

We are working closely with the Government to deliver this important bushfire-safety initiative.

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Powerline Replacement
Fund fact sheet


How are we doing?

Different areas across Victoria have been selected to be part of the program based on their fire risk and threat to communities.

The work required in each location differs according to the environment and the type of powerlines already in place.

In each of the selected areas, we evaluate the powerlines to determine the most appropriate and viable replacement solutions.

If powerlines are able to remain above ground, we determine what type of insulated powerline best suits the location.

The options are aerial bundled cables or spacer cables.

Aerial bundled cables are suited to densely vegetated areas, while spacer cables are better suited to areas where tall vegetation is sparse and where they’re easily accessible.

Where viable to install underground cables, we use our company-developed ‘hybrid cable system’, making it more efficient to install and connect to existing electricity infrastructure.

Once the Government has approved the replacements, we consult with stakeholders, secure underground cable easements and develop environmental management plans before beginning work.


spacer cable

 Spacer cable

aerial bundled cable

 Aerial bundled cable

underground cable

 Underground cable

Where is it being done?

Work has been completed in the following areas:

  • Badger Creek
  • West Castella
  • Toolangi

Work is underway or soon to commence in the following areas:

  • Dixons Creek
  • Castella
  • Kangaroo Ground Warrandyte Road
  • Menzies Road and Henley Road Kangaroo Ground

Our progress

To date, AusNet Services has replaced approximately 140 kilometres of overhead high voltage powerlines and work is continuing.

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