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Powerline Bushfire Safety Program

As the owner and operator of electricity assets in high-risk bushfire areas, we’re working closely with the Victorian Government to implement its Powerline Bushfire Safety Program (PBSP) – a $750 million investment over 10 years to reduce bushfire risk related to electricity networks.

More specifically, the PBSP is responsible for delivering on recommendations 27 and 32 of the 2009 Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission.

Major initiatives

In addition to our own safety and bushfire programs, we’re also committed to a number of other activities under the PBSP. A list of major PBSP initiatives is provided below.


  • Rapid Earth Fault Current Limiters: we’re investing in technology that cuts fault current to fallen powerlines within milliseconds. 


  • Powerline Replacement Fund: we’re replacing Single Wire Earth Return (SWER) powerlines and 22 kV powerlines with insulated and underground cabling, and other technology; this also includes underground replacement of Private Overhead Electric Lines (POELs) in certain regions.


  • Automatic circuit closer (ACR) upgrades: we’ve upgraded ACR devices on 22 kV and 12.7 kV powerlines across our network, to permit only one reclose attempt before lockout on total fire ban days; as a result, we’re now able to remotely and instantly adjust the reclose function on more than 520 of these powerlines.