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Customer Consultative Committee

With the energy industry undergoing rapid change, the need to build closer ties with customers led to the establishment of the Customer Consultative Committee in 2016. 

Scope of committee

The Committee was designed to generate insights that would guide decision making within the business. It serves as a direct channel for external customer perspectives. Members provide comment on issues facing regulated energy services (electricity distribution, transmission and gas networks), and commercial energy services. 

The Committee endeavours to ensure that our activities and decision-making are:

  • Responsive to evolving behaviour, needs and expectations in areas such as price, products and services;
  • Informed by robust assumptions about customer preferences and views that have been externally challenged and tested; and 
  • Considerate of customer impacts and mitigating those impacts, including for vulnerable and disadvantages customers. 

How the committee works 

Four committee meetings are held each year. However, additional ad-hoc meetings may be required for specific issues. Membership term is a minimum of two years. 

Current membership 

The establishment of the Committee provides an ongoing forum in which a range of customer issues can be discussed by a select group of community or customer representatives, people with expert knowledge about specific and general customer issues. 

The committee comprises of seven AusNet Services representatives, including the Managing Director and eleven external representatives from a range of customer interests and community groups.  External membership of the Committee collectively represents a cross-section of AusNet Services’ customers. Specifically, member organisations include:

Independent Observers: