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3D Model

We’re using 3D technology to get a clearer picture of our network. With over 38,000km of power lines and 400,000 poles to look after, 3D modelling helps us bring safer and more reliable power to our customers. 

How does it work?

We use LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) technology to build a 3D model of the network. Using GPS, the model helps us ensure a safe distance between our assets, buildings and trees. 

The 3D model is made up of photos and LiDAR images. Some of the ways we’re capturing these images are: 

  • From the air via helicopter 
  • AusNet branded vehicles with a mounted camera; and  
  • Experienced asset inspectors on foot.  


Watch this short video to see the capture vehicle in action.

What does this mean for you? 

Our teams are inspecting right across our network more often, so you may notice: 

  • Our helicopter flying nearby; 
  • AusNet branded cars driving along in your area;   
  • Asset Inspectors in an AusNet uniform who will be out on foot. 

If we need to access your property, we will knock on your door or leave a calling card. Capturing these images does not impact your power supply


Want to find out more?

Here are a few ways to find out more about our 3D model and inspections: 

  • FAQs

    Why do you need both LiDAR data and photographs?  

    The helicopter provides a wide, top-down view of trees and buildings near power lines. The vehicle capture gives us a detailed view of our assets from the ground. These two views are merged together to create a 3D image.

    For things that we can’t see from the helicopter or vehicle, we’ll follow up on foot. 

    How will you use this information?  

    We use the photos and LiDAR images to help us inspect and manage our assets. In line with our privacy guidelines, we will only use the data for this purpose and will never share it outside our business.

    I saw AusNet people here a couple of months ago, why are you coming back? 

    We have a regular maintenance program that helps us keep the network safe and reliable. Our crews do regular checks of the poles and wires and will be coming back to capture the 3D images.

    Will I know the day you will be in my area?  

    We post regular updates on social media. From time to time, our schedule may change due to weather or operational needs.