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 We're capturing a new and innovative view of our electricity distribution network

We are moving towards a three-dimensional model, allowing us to more accurately measure how close vegetation and structures are to our powerlines – maintaining a safe and reliable network for our community. 

About the 3D Model

We’re committed to providing a safe and reliable service to our customers, so it’s important that we maintain the right clearance distances from our powerlines in your area.

This new LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) technology builds a virtual three-dimensional model of our powerline assets. The 3D model uses GPS coordinates to map the location of our assets, accurately measuring clearance to vegetation and structures. 

We are also capturing imagery of our network for this 3D model. There are a number of ways we are capturing this; from the air via helicopter; from the ground via an AusNet Services branded vehicle with a camera mounted on an extended mast; and on foot by our Asset Inspectors.

We will use the imagery captured in combination with the LiDAR technology to assess powerline asset condition, which is a new and innovative way of effectively managing a large network of over 38,000 km of powerlines and 400,000 poles. 

Watch this short video to see the capture vehicle in action. 


What this means for you

  • Our Aerial Inspection team will be in the area more often, so you may notice our flying helicopter above the powerlines near your property.
  • Our AusNet Services branded vehicle driving along the streets capturing images of powerlines.
  • If the powerlines are only accessible by entering your property, our Asset Inspector in an AusNet Services uniform will be on foot or in a vehicle. We will always knock on your door or leave a calling card. 


  • Support for you


    Watch this short video to see the capture vehicle in action.

    Refer to the Frequently Asked Questions below.

    For information on Coronavirus, visit our dedicated page

    For queries, please contact AusNet Services on 1300 360 795 or email us via

  • FAQs

    How can I find out more information? 

    Watch this short video to help you further understand what we are doing and why.

    Visit our website to view a quick video showing an overview of what we are doing.

    Contact us on 1300 360 795 or for more information.

    Follow us on AusNet Services Facebook page to stay up to date for when our crews will be in your area.

    Why does AusNet Services need to capture LiDAR data and images via helicopter and vehicle? 

    The helicopter provides a wide overhead view of the vegetation and structures near the power lines. The vehicle capture allows us to obtain detailed view of our assets from the ground. These two views are melded together to create a 3D image. 

    For poles that cannot be accessed from the helicopter or vehicle, we will follow up to capture LiDAR data and images on foot where required.

    I saw your Asset Inspectors here a couple of months ago, why are you coming back?

    The Asset Inspectors were performing a regular inspection to check the health of the pole. We are back again to capture a three-dimensional view of our network to ensuring we are providing you with a safe and reliable electricity supply.

    Will this be a cost to the customer? 

    No, there is no additional charge.

    Are you turning off my connection?

    No, your connection will not be impacted.

    How are you maintaining safety during COVID-19? 

    Keeping our community safe whilst maintaining a reliable service is our number one priority. AusNet Services is an essential service and capturing the network is necessary to continually improve the reliability and safety of our network. Now more than ever, a strong commitment to a reliable and safe electricity supply is essential. 

    Our team will always be following the Victorian Governments’ health guidelines, including wearing masks, practicing physical distancing and sanitising as required. 
    For information on Coronavirus, including supporting our community, go to our dedicated page

    Will I know the day you are capturing this information? 

    We will let you know the suburb/area that we are capturing via our Facebook page. From time to time, our schedule may change due to weather or unforeseen operational activities.   

    If the capture vehicle or Asset Inspector needs to access your property, we will either knock on your door or leave a calling card following strict hygiene and physical distancing procedures. 

    How will AusNet Services use this information? 

    We’re using LiDAR technology to build a virtual model of the vegetation, structures and our assets. This cutting-edge technology also merges street view type imagery with the laser measurements to build the three dimensional model. 

    The imagery and LiDAR data will be used for internal purposes only to assist in the inspection and management of the assets, in-line with our privacy guidelines and policies. We use GPS coordinates to understand the location of our assets.