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 $50 Power Saving Bonus

Customers can claim one Power Saving Bonus per household.

Assess your energy plan to qualify for the Victorian Government $50 Power Saving Bonus. Those who use the Victoria Energy Compare website between 1 July to 31 December 2018, will be eligible to receive a $50 bonus from the Victorian Government. You are not obliged to take up an offer or switch plans, however the incentive is available for those who take the time to complete the process to assess their current energy plan.


How to claim your $50 Power Saving Bonus

Use one of the following options to compare retailers and claim your $50 bonus

1. Visit the Victorian Energy Compare website

Use the button below to go directly to the Victorian Energy Compare website to complete the online questionnaire to be eligible to claim your bonus. No data is required.

2. Complete a Request your Smart Meter Data Form to compare retailers

If you would like to compare retailers using your energy data from your electricity meter you can complete a Request your Smart Meter Data Form. You will be sent an email with instructions on how to have your data redirected to the Victorian Energy Compare website where you can compare energy retail offers and claim your bonus.

You will need a recent electricity bill on hand so that you can copy your meter information from it.

NOTE: Victorian Energy Compare requires a minimum of 12 months of continuous electricity meter data


myHomeEnergy is AusNet Services' free web portal that displays your data in a graphical way and allows you to obtain your data and be redirected to the Victorian Energy Compare website.

Access myHomeEnergy to register as a new user or to log in and view your data usage.

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